November 7, 2014

The Structured Stories beta application launched publicly in late October, 2014, after a long and painful delivery.

The application is now open for anyone to browse and explore structured stories, but registration – required for creating and editing stories – is still ‘upon request’ until at least the end of 2014. Pick a story and look at the ‘structured story’ view to quickly understand the concept.

This is a milestone, but these are still very early days for Structured Stories. The next few months will be about debugging and completing the full v1.0 stack (backend apps, API and web app), and then the focus will shift from technology to journalism. The rough goal is to build out a dense collection of stories (a ‘narrative network’) on local government in Los Angeles by mid-2015 – sufficient to fully demonstrate the concept, test its value and generate learnings about the application of semantic and knowledge engineering techniques to news.

At this stage of the project FEEDBACK IS CRITICAL. If you have opinions or criticism or comments about this project, or if you find bugs, then please let me know.