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March 11, 2015

The past 6 weeks have been mostly consumed with activity that was important to moving Structured Stories forward, but was not coding and was not reporting. More will be forthcoming in the fullness of time.

The bit of coding that was done in February was mostly about building a nascent editing tool, which isn’t publicly visible but which will enable publicly visible things to happen – namely many more events and stories.

The editing tool will do a lot of things (see the previous post), but at the moment the one big thing that it needs to do is enable the easy creation and editing of event frames. Event frames are at the heart of structured stories and working with them quickly and easily is essential to establishing a reporting process.

Nothing is easy, and everything takes more time that hoped, but things are moving forward. My goal for 2015 is to enable reporting into Structured Stories sufficient to enable a robust evaluation of the concept. There are many aspects to that goal that will require more exploration, trial, error and time. If you want to help then get in touch.